Legal Documents

Denial of responsibility

RBXS is exclusively a website for the game developer and programming community. By registering on this site, users have already agreed to the RBXS Registration Agreement, a copy of which can be found here. By agreeing to the Registration Agreement, users also agree to follow the rules set by the administrator, which can be found here. The regulations very clearly state, among other things, that the distribution of malicious content will result in the removal of the content and may also lead to the removal of the poster (s). We urge users to keep this in mind in their posts.

We would like to make it clear that neither RBXS nor its employees are responsible for the actions or communications of our users, whether on or off the website. Our team of employees consists entirely of unpaid volunteers who continue to work very hard to keep illegal, malicious, and inappropriate content out of the website. We continue to work to improve our moderation and, in turn, improve the quality of the site for the community, but we ask that all users and stakeholders understand the fact that we will not be able to get everything at once. If you see a malicious message, immediately report it to our staff by clicking the “Report” button, and this will greatly simplify our work. If the content violates laws, copyrights or personal information, users and non-users are encouraged to use our Content Removal Request Form so that we are aware of it.

Intellectual property and copyright

If you think we have poorly accredited you for your work, or have not done so at all, please contact us by email support at [email protected]
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