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Mighty Omega GUI

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Try a new interesting script for Mighty Omega  after executing the script click it on the left side of the screen for the 'Extras' tab

Auto functions:

  • Train
  • Job 
  • Strike Speed Training (SYN)
  • Roadwork(Key and SYN)
  • Eat (SYN) (inv)
  • Sleep (SYN)
  • AFK
  • Train Stamina(Key)
  • Inf Running(key)
  • Treadmill
  • Sprint

getgenv().Key = nil

--note: After using Auto Roadwork it don't work after activating roadwork so unequip roadwork tool then toggle it then it will be fully auto.
--execute Simple Spy Seperately: loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://github.com/exxtremestuffs/SimpleSpySource/raw/master/SimpleSpy.lua"))()
  How to get Key:

  1. Execute Simple Spy (not mine, you just need this to get the key)

  2. double tap w in might omega to run

  3. You should see something called "Action" pop up on the simple spy gui

  4. Click it and near the bottom are multiple panels/ options

  5. at the top left corner one says copy code. Press it

  6. now open notepad or your synapse into a new tab

  7. paste it

  8. Look at [1], from the beginning of the quotes copy to the end image provided:

  9. Copy it then where it says "getgenv().Key = nil" in the script delete the nil and paste the key thing you just copied and you are done! image:

  10. Execute and after a few seconds the script should start working

  NOTE: Each server you join you have to do this!


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