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Breaking Point GUI


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Breaking Point is a script that allows you to automate many actions in the game, thereby reducing tedious activities to a minimum. GUI - visual execution of the script, helping the player to choose the necessary options to enable and disable the modes, without the need for a constant input of comedians into the chat.

Choose the optimal bundle in the exploit + script. Stay tuned so you don’t lose your game account.



  • Omithus cheat
  • Updated, works with functions:
  • loadfile ("scriptname.txt")
  • getreg
  • getgenv
  • printconsole
  • getrawmetatable
  • autoexec

------ Only works if there is init.lua in the "autoexec" folder ----

  • httpget
  • loadstring
  • getobjects


Breaking Point Script 

You can Download the Breaking Point auto farm script for Roblox. The mod is still in the testing phase and adding various new mechanics. Actual information can be found in the VKontakte group and in the developer's Discord channel. The main feature of Second Wind is that loot can appear here not only in special containers, but simply lie on the ground. The rest of the difference is only in the types of buildings and their external Breaking Point

Siren Head: Night Of The Cryptids GUI

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kill always.infinent credits


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